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Have you been a victim of lawsuit abuse? 


Have you heard of a small business being sued?  Or in an advertisement, has a lawyer promised to reward you with money from an injury?  But instead you received little to no compensation?









Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) wants to hear from all those impacted or concerned about lawsuit abuse. If you answered yes to any of the above, we invite you to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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  • Olga Dorondova
    commented 2020-05-20 17:13:53 -0400
    I am a victim of lawsuit abuse…..Civil servants are involved therefore I protect myself now. I had a lawyer who took 2500 of my money, did nothing, allowed to destroy all the evidence …. civil lawsuit …. it’s horrible …
  • Mandell Winter
    commented 2020-05-19 13:08:14 -0400
    Ha Ha Ha – Class action law suits are for lawyers to make big dollars. They find one “client” who “is sure” s/he remembers some promise made which wasn’t kept. Then they call everyone and tell them they got ripped off. I was an insurance agent. I and other agents realized old policies could be replaced by the same company and coverage substantially increased with no increase in premium. It involved using the cash value of the old policy and future dividends. Every time I proposed it I showed illustrations and made sure the client understood (UNDERSTOOD) it was based on the then current dividend scale which was not guaranteed. I made my recommendations conservative to take into consideration a possible reduction in dividends. After interest rates fell, dividend rates fell. Only one client ever called me to ask about the difference between what had been illustrated and what was happening. I did the same thing for myself. I got a call from a lawyer who told me I had been lied to and ripped off by my agent (me) and I needed to join in a class action lawsuit. As desired by the lawyers, the company came to a settlement. Insured policyholders got a little term insurance for a few years and the lawyers got $millions.
  • Lou Scotchel Sr
    commented 2020-05-19 08:47:14 -0400
    Citizens rights will continue abuse as long as the governing body keeps voting in Attorney’s Lawyers, and Judges who support one another’s personal agenda’s and redefine the laws to suit their personal needs.
  • Nancy Kemp
    commented 2020-05-18 18:21:52 -0400
    I worked for Bank of America for 6 months. I always put in 45-50 hours a week. I contacted the right people in government and they said you signed off on 40 hours a week. I told them I had to or lose my job. I was working there during the Obama era and there were NO jobs anywhere and I was an award-winning banker. So I told them that it would be very easy to see when I signed in and signed out on my computer. I should have been paid at least an addition $3,000.00 but got about $34.00 in a class action suit.
  • Jeff Brown
    commented 2020-05-12 02:25:56 -0400
    My ad almost died because of Plavix because of a brain bleed and severe kidney damage. After about 10 years and ALOT of documentation, our lawyers told us we had a very strong case but did not keep us up to date on our case til they told us the judge dismissed it because our doctor (who told him if he stopped taking it could kill him,kept him on it another 3 months til another doctor who was a specialist told him to stop immediately and changed his prescription. My dad’s lawyers told us they would continue to fight for him, but we would have to pay thousands out of our own pocket!!
  • Elizarica Anderson
    commented 2020-05-04 03:06:42 -0400
    I have also been victimize with Lawsuit abuse. There is this man who filed against me and my company six years ago because he claims that we owe him $4,500 for using his logo and for him to teach a technique in our school. He just copied this technique from some other book but he claims to be his. When my company closed in December of 2015, also the time when my husband died, this guy filed against me and my company demanding for payment. He hired several lawyers and filed several times but the charges were always dismissed. He attempted filing law suit several times but has been dismissed. Then he formed another company to sue me and my previous company, and the new company I built that has nothing to do with Martial Arts school. I have spent so much money defending myself but this person continues to harass me. Now, he is asking for one million dollars when I don’t even have $5000. I had to sell everything I have to pay for attorney fees whom I think is not really defending me but just want my money. I am a widow, a single parent with children who are still in middle-school. At this point, I don’t know what else to do because I also don’t trust the lawyer I hired. Please help me. I don’t have anywhere else to go.
  • Daniel Hall
    commented 2020-04-30 13:51:36 -0400
    Over the last two years I can see this scenario coming my way. I suffer from schizoaffective disorder, as diagnosed by the Veterans Administration stemming from mTBI and SPI while on active duty.

    So said friends are offering ideas in real estate, entertainment businesses and such. My condition fully known to them. I take care of the financial aspects as agreed. When they don’t perform as agreed and I want to end our relationship I hear the likes of slip and fall threats since I’m legally “the owner.”
  • Lou Scotchel Sr
    commented 2020-04-28 13:38:48 -0400
    I feel I am Truly a victim of LAWSUIT ABUSE and have been for over 10 years.
    I have been denied many provisions of the documents that I have been given by the deceased to perform and succeed according to their wishes.
    After almost 5 years of abuse from their procedures, a trial by jury finally pursued and upheld a Will Contest that I filed and proving that the will being Probated by the attorneys involved, was not the Proper Will to Probate.
    While the will that I filed at the beginning of this was found to be the Proper Will, one of the attorneys objected to my appointment to become the executor and a County Commission hearing ensued and appointed yet another to continue probating the will found to be invalid. making this the Third person administering the invalid will.
    Believe it or not the attorneys that were supposed to protect the properties and assets of the deceased will while the contest was in limbo, found ways to ignore the proper procedures, court orders, and sold most valuable properties and assets, before the trial was herd.
    Also abusing the beneficiaries with lies and deceitful allegations against me. I the true executor of the deceased and successor of the businesses that were in place at the time of death, and run at my digression.
    This became the way they interpreted their own Due Process, for their own personal gains, and these procedures ruined the estate assets and properties to date.
    I did my very best to protect the properties from being lost by coming together with the attorneys and purchased,
    When trying to seek legal counsel to protect my rights, none can be found with in reason, and I am left with nothing to show for my attempts to keep the properties and assets together as I believed the deceased wished.
    " When I went to the bank of the person who now holds the Deed of the property in question, I was told that they had Title Insurance on this property and that on their Title insurance my name is mentioned, “TO EXCLUDE IS THE DEED OF TRUST BY LOUIS A. SCOTCHEL, Sr”.
    This has been the course of action for the past 10 years and the only time the Statute Of Limitations apply is when it is beneficial for the attorneys side.
    A judge denied a trial by jury against the attorney’s in this situation only to find my case had no merit to be heard in his court and found with prejudiced this case would not be able to be filed again.
    I appealed to the Supreme Court who also denied my rights to a Trial by jury.
    It is my opinion that it has become a DIRTY HANDS ON SYSTEM FOR ATTORNEYS AND LAWYERS, JUDGES and their constituents.
    Never would I have ever imagined growing up that it would be considered lawful to charge such ridiculous hourly wages to be treated fairly in our country. There answer, " you could have found someone cheaper".
    The attorneys, lawyers, judges, and all other officers of the court system have a NETWORK within themselves, and can band a person from obtaining counsel to defend you and your legal rights.
    I can only suggest that this LAWSUIT ABUSE SITE, need to take a serious look at our approaches to what has turned out to be one sided BIAS OPINIONS, that favors the legal professionals, no matter what is the case or situation before the courts.
    Litigation, litigation, and more litigation. This has already cost the businesses and personnel civil actions more than and amount to be considered a fair cost to have a lawsuit settled in a just time period.
    STATUTE OF LIMITATION far more benefits the attorney vs the client. The terminology of actions can only be determined by an attorney or judge to either accept it as it is or deny it. Never have I ever been given the privilege or opportunity of being told of the terms before such an act be applied.
    The professors of law at the law institutes, colleges, and universities have created a win, win climate for all who practice law, and graduate and become our advisors, representatives, that for a client looking for fairness must be very wealthy and to often have obtained a status in the legal system to prevail in his/her winning or losing the argument.
    The client will never stand a chance to get a fair trial and his/hers civil rights will be ignored. Attorney’s representing their clients will take the clients case before their constituents or opposition and allow ample time to elapse before the two attorneys come back to their clients and give them a decision on findings and present a bill so absurd or overwhelming their client that the client is frightened beyond comprehensions.
    When a judge has the power to decline a trial by jury, and now decide the faith of which cases he will hear and those no one can hear, simply by his own BIAS OPINION, is TRULY UNJUST.
    I have been taught to believe that we leave ONE NATION UNDER GOD, in this country USA, and I believe that those of us who believe in God and our Christian way of life have trusted MAN and for this MAN, has truly taken advantage of our Honesty with deceiving us with this type of justice that only benefits themselves.
    Could this be a wake up call for sinners that our mankind is producing in the way we are to follow rules in unjust ways
  • Mandell Winter
    commented 2020-04-27 21:00:48 -0400
    I have been sued twice. As an insurance agent I was asked to help a client of a deceased agent. He wanted to switch policies using a program he heard about. I checked it out. It was OK. I told him, IF he was in excellent health he could get a much better deal. He told me he was in great health. When I took the application, when asked about health conditions, he failed to disclose having had open heart surgery and psychoanalysis. He signed the application, stating the information he provided was true and accurate. He was turned down, which eliminated the other program as well. Long story short: He failed to pay subsequent premiums and failed to call me, as agreed, when he got premium notices. He died after a policy lapsed. His widow sued me, the insurance company, and woman “A” in the agency. When I spoke to my E&O lawyer I was told to write a check for my deductible, they would not defend me. #2. A new general agent destroyed the agency he took over. He started with 75 agents and ended up with 6, and with the lowest production in the company. He fired me almost a year before he was terminated by the company because I asked the company to send someone to talk with all the agents to see why production was so bad. He sued me based on letters the company received which were not signed and not written by me. My letters were signed. I was REQUIRED to provide a great deal of information, he refused to provide any I asked for. I had to hire a lawyer for $10,000. Once his lawyer realized my E&O wouldn’t cover it, and my Homeowners liability policy wouldn’t cover it they wanted to drop the suit. I said if they paid me back for my expenses to date and promised to never bother me again, I would let them drop it. We went to court. Without having to provide any of my side of the story, my lawyer asked the judge to find in my favor as the guy who sued me had not met any of the three requirements to win. The next day the judge agreed – both parties to pay their own attorney’s fees. I was out $10,000 and he probably walked away with a bill for two days parking by the court house. The Judge REFUSED to change his mind because it would delay his taking a new position. Side light: I had two tooth implants put in with no effort by the dentist to minimize the possibility of infection. BOTH got infected. The company which hired him first said they would remove the infected implants, clear up the infection and then put new ones in. They then said they wouldn’t, but would refund all I paid for my implants. They refunded 1/2. NO lawyer will touch it to get all my expenses related to the infections covered.
  • Twanna Blanquet
    commented 2020-04-27 09:04:31 -0400
    my daughter lost temporary custody of my granddaughter due to poverty issues. She is not a criminal. We have not been in contact with my granddaughter at all for 3 plus years !!! somebody please help us.
  • Gregory Brunner
    commented 2020-04-26 16:51:13 -0400
    I had an incident 3 years ago where the cops broke my left hip off my ball joint and could not even get the person who did it in trouble. No one in my area will fill lawsuits against the city police. I’m a 38 year old disabled man with severe Ankylosying spondylitis. My bones are fused together from my sciatica nerve in my hips to my ribs and sternum and its spreading up my neck. It was over a verbal argument me and my brother had in a house I own. But they talked me 3 times because i couldnt lay flat on my stomach. Then at the station after being tackled pulled and pushed they took the cuffs off and pushed me against the wall. I just literally went to turn around and they slammed me on old concrete and broke my hip. They dragged me to a cell and threw me in there thinking I was faking it. Smh It is on video there people seen it but didnt care. 130 pound cripple that got beat down by like 7 well fir police. Smh.
  • Boyce Ryan
    commented 2020-04-26 15:25:51 -0400
    I was falsely accused by my family of being bad in the US Army. They sued to punish me. I never said or did anything they said. They lied and the government said they said if I said it.
  • Beverly Williamson
    commented 2020-04-18 19:54:29 -0400
    See Targeted Individuals and Gangstalkers both funded by government. I’m forced to live at poverty level with no help, family or friends. When someone told me about Targeted Individuals I was shocked. When I looked them up they were going through same things I was. I put posts by them on my page stating I never lied. I did absolutely nothing wrong but Amy Goldenberg s white and married to a NYC doctor Marc Goldenberg . I had no idea I’d lost any right I thought I had as a citizen. 3 degrees, never been in trouble for anything just living a happy life and now I’m disabled on a cane and neck brace because I’m black.
  • Nelly Pismennaya
    commented 2020-04-17 15:05:11 -0400
    The system was designed for abuse. Army of attorneys is produced for that reason and all of them has to make money, a lot of them. Neighbore against Neighbore, brother against brother, citizen against citizen… benefits this system. A horror story happened to me because of that and I m not the only one, in the end my attorney took advantage of me, whitch was supposed to happen. As many others I lost a lot of money, my health and the trust in the system
  • Beverly Williamson
    commented 2020-04-15 18:20:43 -0400
    I filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (BI) in January 2009. Reason one of my teammates, Amy Goldenberg I had to work with for a day when I got out of training on March 20, 2005. We went to the Post Office, I bought 10 stamps and she bought 100 because her daughter was having a birthday party soon. The following April or two weeks later we had a Regional meeting and Al our manager told me that Amy said she bought stamps for me on her expense report but he knew it wasn’t true because of my expense report and told me to talk to her. She should have been fired for falsifying the expense report but wasn’t. Her husband is Dr. Marc Goldenberg who used the drugs that the company sold. I spoke with her that Friday on the field and she got angry at me. Never spoke to me afterwards. A year later I started getting phone calls that would hang up when I answered. This happened 123 times. I called Sprint and they gave me a list of all calls during that time. I got the list in December 2008. I looked at it on a Monday morning because my friend and I took pictures of all the calls to get the date and time. I didn’t know the number so I *67 and called and it was Amy. I got treated horribly by the company after this and took disability twice. The attorneys for BI are Jackson Lewis and are attorneys for the government/corporations and Brett Anderson who is a judge was lead attorney. I was fired August 2009 and my life went down hill. I found out Jackson Lewis are over police, chair police unions but are union busters, and Sr partners are judges. My signature was forged on documents that stated I took $125.000 for a settlement, on the document for me signing Ty Hyderally as my attorney which I found out he worked for Jackson Lewis,That the mediator Veronica Blake-Greenaway was the wife of an appellate judge that Brett Anders was friends with because he is an appellate attorney. I appealed this and Brett Anders was the attorney for the appeal so he went in front of his friends. They only had two attorneys listening to my case instead of three. There was no way for me to win. They made sure I couldn’t get any attorney after this nor a doctor because my cat and I were diagnosed with arsenic. My cat passed away. I’ve been robbed at every hotel because I’ve been evicted twice and found out through disability that if your in an apt for over 20 years in NJ they can’t evict you. I was there 22 years. My family has been taken from me as well as my friends so I’m isolated from everyone i know. My mother passed away in 2012 and they made sure i got o money or anything from her estate. I’ve lived in my car, been treated like crap from all government employees I’ve had to deal with, I’m still on a cane and neck brace with no help. I’ve posted documents on facebook and pray they don’t keep taking them down, I lost 30 ibs because of the poison, it’s been a horrible journey and I want help.