Local legal services television advertising in top media markets in Texas

Fourth Quarter of 2018 

April 2019 


Even though Texas's legislative session did not address misleading legal advertising, this is a large issue in the state, and we have evidence to prove it. In the 4th quarter of 2018, one TV ad for legal services aired locally every minute on average across the four largest media markets in Texas — Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.From October through December, a combined 132K ads aired at an estimated cost of $16.4M — $1.3M more than was spent in Q3 2018. See what that looks like in cities near you.


  • Austin
    • 32,000 ads
    • $2.3M ad spending


  • Dallas
    • 31,000 ads
    • $4.5M ad spending


  • San Antonio
    • 34,000 ads
    • $5.2M ad spending


  • Houston
    • 35,000 ads
    • $4.4M ad spending


Not only do these ads give unqualified advice, they hurt patients and communities. Click below to read the 4-page report on the legal services advertising volumes in the Texas markets. 


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