"You Gotta Put Skin in the Game" CALA Honors Three Champions Who Fought for Legal Reforms

"You gotta put skin in the game, if you are bringing a frivolous lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles," promised LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich as he accepted the California Champion Against Lawsuit Abuse award at the our luncheon during Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week. "No longer will anybody bring a frivolous lawsuit against Los Angeles and find we are just going to settle. We are going to fight every suit to protect taxpayer dollars. And if we win, when we win, we will demand reimbursement of our full legal fees and expenses."

More than 65 local business leaders, including former Irvine State Senator Dick Ackerman and former Assemblyman Todd Spitzer joined the our 12th annual luncheon in Irvine. The former elected officials and guests cheered the efforts of three honorees who have fought for fundamental legal reforms to protect Californians from unwarranted lawsuits. In addition to Attorney Trutanich, Orange County Register small business columnist Jan Norman was recognized for publicizing the personal and public costs of frivolous lawsuits, and for encouraging policy makers to push for legal reform. Ms. Norman described a common example of abuse when she spoke of a Korean immigrant, the owner of Granny's Donuts, who was intimidated to pay $2,000 in an abusive Americans with Disabilities Act, lawsuit, which consumed all the profits he made in a year.

Mike Spence, Chief of Staff to Assemblyman Curt Hagman, accepted the award for the Assemblyman, who was also honored for his personal rescue of a family from a burning car, and his subsequent sponsorship of legislation,that now protects individuals from legal liability if they come to the aid of others as "Good Samaritans."



Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, CALA regional director Maryann Marino and CALA Chair David Houston present the City Attorney with

California Champion Against Lawsuit Abuse Award


CALA regional director Maryann Marino,  OC Register columnist Jan Norman and CALA Chair David Houston after presenting Ms. Norman with the California Champion Against Lawsuit Abuse Award 

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