How to Ease California's Economic Burden

The Orange County Register published an exceptional commentary by Senator Bob Dutton that describes the immense and pointless burden lawsuit abuse imposes on California businesses. The commentary cataloged all the regulatory and entrepreneurial restrictions our state imposes on our businesses. It described California’s liability system as being near "abysmal." And, it especially highlighted how unwarranted lawsuits drive out jobs and drive up costs for all of us. California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse has for years fought for the very legal reforms Senator Dutton advocates. Litigation costs our nation $247 billion every single year. That amounts to $825 every man, woman and child pays in higher costs in goods and services in the “lawsuit tax.” But the indirect costs of lawsuit abuse are even greater. There’s no telling how many business investments, new jobs or economic growth are lost every year because of pointless lawsuits. But Senator Dutton, the Register, and more and more Californians realize how critical legal reform is to our state’s economy. Our most recent survey indicates that 71 percent of Californians believe the number of lawsuits hurts our economy – and nearly two thirds believe lawsuit reform would help keep businesses in our state. Let us hope it just a matter of time until our legislators can come to the same conclusion.
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