Our Business Should Include Supporting Jury Duty

CALA supporter George Coles had an op-ed published in the San Diego Business Journal about jury service. He wrote:

"As a business owner, I know firsthand the inconvenience that can come with employees – or me personally – being called for jury service.  Especially in today’s tough economic climate, businesses are running lean and looking for every way to save money, preserve jobs and just keep afloat. 

But I fully recognize that it is a part of the price we all pay to preserve a judicial system that is fair and reflects our diverse community.  In our litigious society, civil disputes are becoming more commonplace – contracts, product liability, insurance, employment disputes, and so on.  We need to do our part to ensure jury pools that understand these issues and the role they play in business operations. 

Businesses most subject to frivolous, abusive lawsuits should play a role in protecting justice by encouraging jury service among their employees.  One of the reasons I founded Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse in San Diego in 1994 was specifically to encourage business professionals and employers to support jury service to help improve our civil justice system."

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