Start With Reform of Our Legal System

CALA Executive Director Tom Scott's letter, "Start With Reform of Our Legal System," was published in the Vacaville Reporter. Here is what he said:

"Most elected officials claim to be supporters of small business; however, many of them continue to vote for burdensome regulations and laws that cripple small businesses ("Government in the Way: Rules stifle small-business expansion," July 12). Even our president has stated that small businesses are the No. 1 generator of jobs. Yet the state continues to pass laws and regulations that stifle growth in the small-business sector.

If elected officials are serious about job creation, they need to reform laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and our regulations concerning wage and hour violations, as Manuel Cosme suggests.

However, the California Legislature seems unwilling to do this, especially when it comes to legal reform. The personal injury lawyer lobby has contributed more than $33.5 million to political campaigns during the past decade. Perhaps that has something to do with it.

If we want our state to get moving again, we need to make some serious changes, and legal reform is one of them."

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