Wrong Woman Takes the Heat

The Los Angeles Times recently had an article about a Santa Monica woman who was receiving public criticism from a lawsuit filed by a different woman with the same name. This other woman looked up directions on Google and sued the search engine after she was then hit by a car. She blames Google for the accident. Unlike her namesake, the woman bearing the brunt of public abuse does understand that you don’t walk on a highway even when internet directions tell you to do so.

I, for one, appreciate the free service that Google provides and realize timing and exact directions offered on a free service may not always be accurate. I also realize that abusive lawsuits such as this one endanger access to services such as Google maps that most of us enjoy while understanding we bear responsibility as well.

Would you sue Uncle Fred, Aunt Sally or your husband because they give you the wrong directions? It’s only because Google has a lot of money that it became a target for an abusive lawsuit. The reaction of the public illustrates that people understand that abusive lawsuits cost jobs, limit our access to products and services and only serve to extort money for those trying the abuse the system. Unfortunately, the public’s wrath has been directed at the wrong person.

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