Gubernatorial Candidate’s Platform Calls for less Lawyers

The Sacramento Bee reports that Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and former EBay CEO released a detailed policy agenda Tuesday. Among the candidate's proposals is a call to reduce the number of state lawyers. It is laudable that Whitman and other candidates have made reforming our legal system a major campaign issue. But beware, a number of candidates for Governor, Attorney General and the State Legislature are silent on whether they intend to protect California small business owners and consumers from abusive lawsuits. Since California has the distinction of being one of the nation's most litigious states, every voter has the responsibility of demanding legal reforms that are critical to our State's economic recovery. Call attention to candidates who don't embrace reform, but readily accept campaign contributions from personal injury attorneys. Click here to see if your State Legislator is too cozy with lawyers or call a candidate's campaign headquarters to ask them directly - "how much money have you accepted from personal injury lawyers and other plaintiff attorneys?" Their answer may sway your vote on Election Day.
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