Curbing Lawsuit Abuse a Step Toward Affordable Healthcare

Legal Newsline reports that "A majority of Americans say tort reform measures should be taken to drive down healthcare costs, a new poll shows." The Rasmussen Reports survey concluded "57 percent of voters feel caps on damages should be placed on medical malpractice suits." So far, Members of Congress do not appear to be listening to their constituents, for health care reform bills being debated in Congress have no such caps despite warnings from the independent Congressional Budget Office. And while caps on medical malpractice are the most talked about tort reform in the health care debate, there are many other isses that have yet to be addressed. The CBO concluded that tort reform could save taxpayers about $54 billion over the next ten years. This savings is significant since some health care bills are expected to cost taxpayers over $800 billion over the same period of time! Without curbing lawsuits, how can Congress deliver the American people affordable health care?
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