The Plain and Simple Truth...It's About Jobs Stupid!

Just yesterday the San Francisco Chronicle carried an opinion piece by John Sullivan, the head of the Civil Justice Association of California talking about how lawsuits and the personal injury lawyers in California are threatening everyone's job security.

It should not surprise anyone that the personal injury lawyers are trying to cash in on their agenda at both the national level and here in California. Whether it is in Congress, our own legislature, the courts and through public opinion, the personal injury bar is seeking to overturn any and all reforms that have been made over the past few years.

And it could not come at a more difficult time. California is facing the worst economy in decades and unemployment is at record levels. As Sullivan points out, the personal injury lawyers have given $33 million dollars over the past decade to political campaigns and they are looking to cash in.

Federally, how can you discuss healthcare reform without tort reform being a part of it? Just take a look at former Democatic National Committee Chair Howard Dean and his explanation. And this guy is a former doctor.

It should outrage every American that personal injury lawyers are being given a pass when it come to reforming our healthcare system. Instead it is business as usual in Washington, and for that matter Sacramento.

People need to get mad and demand that their elected officials deliver on litigation reform. Whether it is taxes, over-regulation or litigation, they all point to job loss. Take a look at CACALA's survey results of a poll among 700 registered voters. 81% of voters surveyed reported that local businesses have laid off employees or closed their doors.

So remember, the plan and simple truth is that is it about jobs! Not special interest agendas.

Cross-posted at Fox and Hounds Daily.

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