Letter from CALA to Legislators

The following letter was sent to all of California's Assemblymembers and Senators.


April 28, 2009


Dear Legislator:


Today, trial lawyers from across California will converge on the Capitol to lobby you, our state legislators. They will tell you that California is not doing enough to protect “the little guy” and we need more laws in place that expand liability under the premise of consumer protection.

The only thing these lawyers care about protecting is their own bottom lines. California is already one of the most regulated states in the country, and there is certainly no shortage of litigation. It’s no wonder that California is consistently ranked among the lowest states in terms of its litigation environment. The threat of litigation causes businesses not to increase employment, leading to fewer jobs, less tax revenue, and ultimately fewer services for your constituents. In these tough economic times, what everyone – consumers and businesspeople alike – needs are laws that will help turn the economy around. We need laws that will help businesses stay open, not threaten their very existence.

California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) is nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to standing up for the people of California who pay the costs and consequences of lawsuit abuse and challenging those who profit from abusing our legal system at the expense of consumers.

CALA urges all members of the legislature to remember that their top priorities must be to protect their constituents, not special interests. Large campaign contributions by the plaintiffs’ bar must not influence your votes. We urge you to reject bills that will place undue hardship on businesses, many of whom are struggling just to stay open.

Today, when trial lawyers are sitting in your office in their designer suits, think of all the “little guys” in your district and what is really best for them.


Tom Scott
Executive Director
California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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