Class Action Bill Dead, Reformers Vow to Keep Trying

Maryann Maloney Marino was interviewed for an article in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal about AB 298, a class action reform bill that recently died in committee. She noted that giving class-action defendents "immediate appeal" rights would streamline the judical process, saying:

“AB 298 was a sensible proposal,” said CALA spokesperson, Maryann Maloney Marino. “Class action certification involves actions that effect a large number of people and are very expensive to the parties, to the court system, and to the citizens of the state.”

According to Marino, California has a reputation among some in the nation’s business community as a “class-action hell hole.”

For that reason, she said, the death of the bill is a blow to the state budget and the economy.

“…Immediate appeal is sensible and beneficial because it allows the parties to ensure, through appeal, that the order was correct,” said Marino. “And it also allows the Court of Appeal to correct errors and develop the law relating to class action certification.”

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