Don't Ask Me for My Zip Code or I Will Sue You

The other day the San Francisco Chronicle carried an op-ed by two lawyers in Los Angeles talking about a recent class action lawsuit against Old Navy. This stems from laws California passed regarding requesting "personal identification information" while accepting credit card payments. Apparently, some attorneys are filing class actions against retailers who ask for zip codes when these transactions occur.

The statute that is in place is poorly written and asks retailers to pay $250 for a first violation and then $1,000 for additional ones. With a class action representing thousands of people this can start adding up to major dollars. The attorneys who wrote the Chronicle op-ed are right on - the statute needs to be changed.

In an economy that has been devastating to all Californians and putting tens of thousands of people out of work, it is stunning that the system continues to allow this kind of lawsuit to proceed. It is a zip code, not your social security number. I am asked for my zip code and driver's license number all the time.

The people who sue Old Navy will get something like a $3 credit on their next purchase and the lawyers who filed this joke of a lawsuit will get hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Californians need to wake up and stop the class action madness. These economic times that demand change occur.

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