Common Sense Once Again Dies at the Capitol

The Assembly Judiciary Committee yesterday effectively killed Assembly Bill 298 regarding class action reform by Assemblyman Van Tran by a vote of 7-3 along party lines. This common sense bill would have allowed a defendant to appeal a class action certification, a right that only plaintiffs’ currently have. I will wait a second for the shock to settle in...

It is unfortunate that in these economic times trial lawyers in this state are given such vast freedoms to swindle money from businesses. When will the Democrats finally see class action law for what it has become - a vehicle to line trial lawyer pockets? I honestly cannot believe trial lawyers have managed to keep up the façade that class actions lawsuits are intended to help supposed victims of corporate greed for this long.

All of these civil rights and consumer groups that opposed AB 298 along with the Consumer Attorney's will suffer from the abuse of class action law as well. Their stock portfolios and pensions will be reduced at the same time they are given coupons for their next purchases. And the trial lawyers will continue to walk away with multi-million dollar fees. Bill Lerach was the King of Class Action lawsuits and he is in jail. Does that tell you something?

Class action reform is needed in this state and the time is now!

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