Another Classless Class Action

One thing I have come to realize in this job is that just when you think you’ve seen all the silly lawsuits there are, another one comes along. And thus the arrival of the Encino Man. (Not the movie.)

An Encino man is leading a class action lawsuit against the giant, Proctor and Gamble. He is claiming that it is impossible to get the last 20% of the toothpaste out of Crest's "Neat Squeeze" Tubes. He feels that of the $4.49 he paid for the Crest toothpaste at Walgreen's, approximately 90 cents of it cannot be removed from the tube.

The plaintiff is seeking damages for fraudulent concealment, breach of express warranty, unfair competition, false advertising, negligent misrepresentation and violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. Jeez, that is a lot for 90 cents of toothpaste.

What continues to amaze is we’ve all seen how these lawsuits end up: The Encino Man will get his $5,000 for leading the class (a nice return on his 90 cents), all of us consumers will get a coupon on our next purchase of Crest's Neat Squeeze and our dear friends the trial lawyers will get millions in legal fees. Oh yea, and we can all expect to pay more for Crest toothpaste in the future. So who is the big winner? The lawyers, methinks.

But the class action scam continues and no one does a thing about it. This routine continues to go on and it is as if nobody sees that it is a shakedown. Maybe the Encino Man should have gone to Wal-Mart and only paid $2.50 for the Crest in a regular tube and he would not be so bent out of shape. We need to stop the insanity when it comes to filing class actions. Bad lawsuits like these cost good jobs.

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