A Common Sense Solution to ADA Lawsuits - HR 881 The ADA Notification Act

Longtime CALA supporter Dr. Michael Arnold Glueck's commentary "A Common Sense Solution to ADA Lawsuits" was published in the Orange County Register. Here is what he said:

"Currently, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not require any notice before a lawsuit can be filed.

Enforcement of the ADA is through civil litigation. Many ADA lawsuits have been filed for issues of relatively minor noncompliance; such a sign being the wrong color or having the wrong wording. Due to California's lawsuit-friendly legal climate, 42 percent of ADA lawsuits filed in the United States are filed in California, causing many small businesses to close and wiping out jobs.

California legislators have repeatedly rejected reforms like U.S.Representative Duncan Hunter's HR 881, The ADA Notification Act. In 2008, the California Legislature created the California Commission on Disability Access, but the commission has failed to make any significant progress in reducing abusive claims. Despite the commission's best intentions, California's accessibility standards continue to conflict with the federal ADA, exceeding 500 pages of minutely detailed standards that change constantly.

Representative Hunter's common sense proposal would require a plaintiff to provide a defendant with notification and an opportunity to correct a violation voluntarily before the plaintiff may commence a civil action and force the business owner to incur legal costs"

Click here to read the entire commentary.

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