CALA Joins San Diego Leaders and Business Owners to Call for an End to Lawsuit Abuse

On Wednesday, September 12, CALA joined San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and several small business owners for a rally to highlight the fact that frivolous lawsuits hurt public agencies and to small businesses alike.

Goldsmith said San Diego spends about $25 million a year handling frivolous lawsuits. As heard on KPBS Radio, Goldsmith explained that unlike private citizens, the city cannot recover its legal fees when it wins a lawsuit. He said that should be changed. Some of the unwarranted lawsuits the City faced included people suing the City for wrongful termination when the City wasn’t their employer and taxi drivers falling asleep, claiming the city failed to adopt an ordinance needed to keep cab drivers from working too many hours

Matt Adams of the San Diego Building Industry Association, Tiffany Bromfield of the San Diego Building Improvement District Council and Mark Kim, a small business owner in National City, also spoke at the event. They described how abusive lawsuits are hurting small businesses and costing jobs in the San Diego area.

In addition to Goldsmith’s appearance on KPBS radio, CALA supporters appeared on KUSI-TV, where George Coles of Coles Fine Flooring and David Warren Peters, an ADA defense attorney, shared stories of abusive ADA lawsuits with David Davis, the host of the morning show. They also appeared on KCBQ-AM radio on Mark Larson’s Morning Show.

Each speaker called on Governor Brown to sign SB 1186, which would help stop abusive lawsuits alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This bill is a huge step in the right direction for California, but just one of many that we need to stop lawsuit abuse and create jobs.

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