Lawsuits Hurt Fresno Unified School District

At a recent Fresno Unified School Board meeting, a heated debate ensued about the Board’s ongoing and expensive legal costs. This is not a new issue. The legal costs incurred by our local government entities have long been a concern for administrators across California that have to deal with the unending lawsuits filed.

The appalling part of the article was that one of the folks complaining about legal costs was the executive director of an organization that has sued Fresno Unified in the past.

Are the people that use lawsuits when they may not be necessary really in any position to question the Board for defending itself against such actions?

As it happens, CALA has previously studied the Fresno Unified School District’s legal costs as part of a 2010 study of legal costs for school districts across California. We found that the district spent more than $4.8 million on legal fees over a three year period.

Ongoing high legal costs have been an ongoing struggle for the Fresno Unified School District as well as other school districts across the state. To stop this nonsense, the citizens of Fresno and throughout California should make sure that their candidates for local and state office recognize the cost of lawsuits to the public and will work for legal reform.

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