Small cases are big business in California courtrooms

California’s anti-business legal environment hurts our state’s ability to maintain and create jobs, as the Los Angeles Times outlined in a recent article.

Companies in California need a fair business environment to remain competitive, not one in which lawyers can extort thousands of dollars from small business owners for “coat hooks or paper towel dispensers that are a fraction of an inch off the law's exacting standards.”

When businesses can so easily become the target of extortionate lawsuits, it’s no surprise that California’s unemployment rate is among the worst in the nation. To get its economy moving again and create jobs, California needs legal reform.

According to the Pacific Research Institute, one tort reform in California would create 141,000 jobs. Unfortunately, the Legislature failed again in 2011 to enact the legal reforms that California badly needs. Apparently the Legislature is OK with a sputtering economy and a legal climate that is ranked 46th in the nation.

California deserves better. Governor Jerry Brown and the Legislature need to protect California businesses against abusive lawsuits and implement common-sense legal reforms to help create jobs and improve the state's economy.

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