Businesses sound off on lawsuit activity

CALA recently held roundtable discussions with local elected officials, community leaders and small business owners about the effects of lawsuit abuse on the economy and job creation. The Fresno Business Journal wrote an article about the roundtable event in Fresno. Here is what they had to say:

“ADA” has become a four-letter word to many local entrepreneurs who feel like they are being targeted for frivolous violations of the landmark law. Several local business owners met for a round-table discussion regarding lawsuit abuse on last month at the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce."

However, none was more adamant about what she feels are exploitations of the Americans with Disabilities Act than Lee Ky of Reedley, owner of Doughnuts to Go. In December 2010 Ky’s store was sued for not being wheelchair-friendly, but the cruel irony is she uses a wheelchair herself because of the effects of cerebral palsy."

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