Voters Agree That Lawsuit Abuse Destroys Jobs

The Flash Report published a commentary from CALA Statewide Advisory Board member Travis Hausauer about the voter survey CALA released on August 23. Here is what he said:

"Lawsuit abuse can take many forms. Sometimes it is someone clearly just looking for a quick payday, or maybe someone has been injured and deserves compensation, but exaggerates the injury to receive far more than the real damage warrants.

Small businesses like mine often face “gotcha lawsuits” in which people go digging for any type of error or non-compliance issue and then file lawsuits or shake down a business for a settlement even though no one’s been hurt. For a small business, a single lawsuit can mean the difference between keeping the doors open and providing jobs for the community or closing the business, depriving the community of jobs and services and further starving our governments of tax revenue.

What’s worse is that our Legislature seems to create new reasons for suing every day through laws that are poorly drafted, short-sighted or written to reward the personal injury attorneys who fund their political campaigns."

To read the entire commentary, click here.

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