Listen to Business Leaders

Tom Scott, Executive Director of California CALA, wrote a letter to the editor to the Sacramento Bee in which he calls for California to pay more attention to what its business leaders are saying about its business climate. Here is what he had to say:

"Anytime you see a CEO of a large company come forward and say there is something wrong with your state, people should listen. Andrew Puzder should be applauded for stepping up and making people realize that regulatory and legal reform are critical to California's future. If you have to spend $20 million fighting trial lawyers, that is $20 million that is not creating jobs and building a business.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry warned California two years ago that it had to tackle big issues like taxes, regulations, education and legal reform if it was going to be able to compete. Since then, we are batting 0 for 4."

Click here to see the letter at the Sacramento Bee website.

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