Los Angeles Business Journal: Class Action Needed on Lawsuits Targeting Schools

An op-ed by David Houston, Chairman of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, was featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal. He said:

"A recent report by my group, California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, titled “Lessons in Lawsuits: The Impact of Litigation on California Schools,” found that Los Angeles Unified School District over the last three years spent almost $45 million in litigation costs. Last year alone, L.A. Unified’s litigation costs exceeded $13 million – an amount that could have paid the salaries of more than 200 teachers. Among 12 state school districts, litigation costs over three fiscal years exceeded $98.7 million, or enough funding to have provided 246,762 desktop computer packages.

"Litigation costs are not measured in dollars alone, but also in lost quality and efficiency. Studies have shown that our teachers are increasingly afraid to teach, our administrators afraid to do their jobs, and many education policies and practices are altered because of the threat of litigation."

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