New Santa Ana: New report reveals that the SAUSD spent $2.3 million on lawsuits in 2009

Long time CALA supporter and New Santa Ana blogger Art Pedroza reported on the CALA Lessons in Litigation study that revealed 12 of California’s school districts spent $98.7 million on lawsuits in just three fiscal years. He said:

"The report continues to say that the $98.7 million on lawsuits across the state could have paid the salaries of more than 1,530 teachers, purchased nearly 600 new school buses, more than 1.1 million school desks or 246,762 desktop computer packages.

In Santa Ana, litigation costs totaled $2.3 million just for fiscal year 2009. To put that number in perspective, the district could have bought 22,928 chalkboards.

“Our local school district has already had to severely slash its budget, due to state funding shortfalls,” said Art Pedroza, publisher of the New Santa Ana blog and a candidate for the SAUSD School Board. “There are times when lawsuits are necessary, but frivolous suits do nothing more than hurt our students – we need to take steps to stop abusive lawsuits and keep our funding in the classrooms, where it belongs.”

Read the entire story on the New Santa Ana.

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