"9 in 10 Docs Blame Lawsuit Fears for Overtesting, More Protection is Needed from Litigious Patients

The North County Times reports that "9 in 10 docs blame lawsuit fears for overtesting and MDs also agree more protection is needed from litigious patients"

We all pay the price for lawsuit abuse. Any substantial Heathcare Reform plan should have included a serious effort to address the problem of malpractice lawsuit abuse! We need a national version of California's MICRA laws that limit the amount for punitive damages to $250,000.

Yes, real victims need to be compensated for their injury, but as long as we reward plaintiffs lawyers with inflated payouts our healthcare system will remain under siege.

We should listen to the doctors who, as you report, tell us they are doing unnecessary tests just to protect themselves from these unwarranted malpractice suits. That is money that could othewise be used to expand the coverage those who really do need healthcare.

As malpractice lawsuit abuse attacks our medical industry, It could ultimately drive our doctors out of business, and that will have a direct impact on all of us!

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