Bakersfield Californian: Battle over legal reform goes on offense; good thing, because it can't keep waiting

Keith Wolaridge, member of CALA's Kern County Local Leadership Council, had an op-ed in the Bakersfield Californian about how legal reform is key to California's economic recovery. Here is what he had to say:

"With the constantly worsening economy, the time to reform our legal system is now. We need government policies that will create the conditions necessary for businesses to thrive and create jobs, not pile on more taxation, regulation, and litigation.

"We are encouraged that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger now recognizes that legal reform is absolutely critical to helping businesses prosper so that they can create jobs.

"The governor has included legal reform as a top priority in his California Jobs Initiative. He has called for creating or retaining 100,000 jobs. In so doing, Schwarzenegger has joined the forces calling for more jobs, not more lawsuits. His plans also call for eliminating abusive lawsuits that punish California's small businesses, saying, 'Unfair and frivolous suits impact where companies locate or expand.'"

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