These Lawsuits Need a Time-Out!

In a recent article published in the Bakersfield Californian, it was made clear that lawsuits in our schools are becoming far too common. They are costing us a ridiculous amount of money- money we don’t have. Everyone’s looking for someone else to blame and when it comes to some parents and lawyers, it appears they are just looking to bank on injuries experienced by kids on the playground everyday!  It is frustrating to see people who appear out to make a quick buck off common injuries at school. Minor and common-place injuries while playing sports, P.E. class, etc – have been happening since the beginning of time and happen to all of us. Due to a serious lack of personal responsibility, accidents at school are now seen as a money-making opportunity for too many greedy people and their equally greedy lawyers. The taxpayers are ultimately responsible for all of these lawsuits and we cannot afford this free ride anymore. It is critical that we continue striving to protect taxpayer dollars and reject these many frivolous lawsuits. Let's get back to a time where the first thing we do when kids scrape their knees is reach for a bandaid, not call a lawyer.
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