Bakersfield Californian: Litigation Eating Away Kern's Tax Dollars

Michael Turnipseed, executive director of the Kern County Taxpayers Association, had an op-ed about CALA's cost report printed in the Bakersfield Californian. He wrote:

"The battle cry across every level of government is the same these days: "We don't have enough money." Our taxes have been raised statewide and we're constantly being threatened with even more tax increases. Cities and counties throughout California are working on ballot measures to take more of our tax money just to keep local governments afloat. The message we as taxpayers are being sent is clear -- our tax dollars are not providing enough revenue to effectively run government at the state and local levels.

"Yet pick up the same newspaper and right next to an article about a city or county's budget woes, you will likely see one about a multi-million dollar lawsuit just settled with the very same city or county. In the midst of record budget deficits, how can our tax dollars keep going toward exorbitant litigation costs?"

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