Irvine World News: Senator Tom Harman Receives Champion Against Lawsuit Abuse Award from CALA

Orange County Register and Irvine World News Political Commentator Adam Probolsky noted that last week was Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week, and Irvine’s state Sen. Tom Harman received a special honor, the Champion of Against Lawsuit Abuse award from CALA. Here is what Adam had to say:

"I asked the senator about the issue. He said, "Stopping lawsuit abuse is essential to revitalizing our state’s economy and has been a goal of mine since I took office. Frivolous lawsuits drive businesses out of California and do little to make injured plaintiffs whole." Harman was a co-author of legislation that reformed the misuse of the Americans with Disabilities Act and makes it tougher for abusive litigants to file lawsuits on based on technical violations."

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