Legal Newsline: Meese: Trial lawyers draining the economy

In recognition of Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week, former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III appeared before Sacramento area CALA supporters to deliver the message that the nation's trial lawyers are a drain on Nation's economy and hurting California employers.

Legal Newsline covered the event:

"In California, where Meese said the business community is already forced to pay higher taxes and adhere to more regulations than in many other states, lawsuit abuse poses and added threat - one that often drives companies from the state.

"California is one of the most taxed and regulated states in the Union," he said. "To then add litigation and lawsuit abuse further deteriorates the economic conditions in California."

"California's legal climate ranks in the bottom 10 of states. The Golden State was ranked 44th in an annual comparison by Harris Interactive of states' legal climates from the perspective of in-house corporate counsels around the nation."


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