No Butt's About It-Fresno Woman's Spanking Could be her Jackpot

A Fresno woman has decided she just can't sit still for the appeals court ruling that tossed out the judgement against her former boss for the spankings she received at work. Janet Orlando, a 52-year old employee of an alarm sales company allowed herself to be "spanked" with a company sign as part of a morning "pep rally" type meeting where the company attempted to hype up the sales force before heading out into the field. The meeting traditions included handing out bonuses, singing for fellow employees, pies in the face and silly spankings with a competitor's yard signs if sales goals weren't met.

Yes, no kidding, the employees spanked each other and by all accounts, Ms. Orlando went along with this foolishness as well. That is until she figured out an attorney could help her win a $1.5 million verdict against her employer for allowing the spankings to occur. You read right - Ms. Orlando at the age of 52 is taking no responsibility for her own ridiculous lack of judgement and fortitude in the face of outlandish and child-like behavior in the workplace.

No, instead of that old-fashioned concept, Orlando has been litigating since 2004, winning a judgement against the company, then seeing it overturned by the court of appeals and now, five long years and a ton of taxpayer funded courtroom costs later, has decided she wants to get her "case" reheard.

There is no sympathy here for the grown woman's workplace idiocy - please work out your paddling problems amongst yourselves by speaking up, quitting or refusing to play. There was a time in America where we did exactly that.

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