Lawsuit Abuse Spreads

It appears there’s no shortage of foreign lawsuits coming in to the U.S. A recent blog post even noted the Dole Foods case in which foreign plaintiffs fraudulently sued Dole saying they became sterile while working for its banana plantation, when in fact some of the plaintiffs never even worked for Dole or became sterile at all.

Plaintiffs pursue cases like this because American standards for businesses are much stricter than those in many other countries and American courts so often provide windfall verdicts. This creates an unfair system against American companies operating in foreign countries. This venue shopping into the American court system only clogs our courtrooms and slows down the United States legal system that is already backlogged with Americans seeking their days in court.

Added litigation makes it more expensive for American companies to operate, stay in business and create jobs because they are subject to paying out extreme punitive damages or paying out huge settlements to make cases go away. Either overseas or in the United States, a lawsuit is a lawsuit. The cost of a lawsuit only drains a company of money that could be better invested things such as research and development and job creation.

Los Angeles County is already named a judicial hellhole, in part for its “litigation tourism” where plaintiffs' attorneys go “shopping” for plaintiff friendly courts. Now it seems the whole world may be venue shopping in California.

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