Cereal Lawsuit Abuse

Newport Beach Daily Pilot reporter Paul Anderson was so amused with Maryann Maloney Marino’s recent CALA press release about a lawsuit against Cap'n Crunch “Stand Up for Capn Crunch” that he wrote a cartoon and a blog. He said:

"Maryann Maloney Marino, the regional director of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, told me she sent out the release to make the point about how necessary tort reform is. I told her I always get a little leery of the cries for tort reform as they tend to offer the usual populist solutions that don’t always work out for the best. But she wasn’t offering up the usual bromides — the draconian crackdowns on ambulance chasers. Rather, her organization just craves legislative solutions that will discourage such abuses of the system. It’s true that anyone hassled by a frivolous lawsuit like this could seek sanctions against the plaintiff, but some of the more notorious and well-financed law firms might just consider that the cost of doing business since they’re really only interested in harassing deep-pocket defendants into shelling out settlement cash. Something does need to be done to discourage that kind of chicanery. Steeper fines or even the threat of disbarment might accomplish that. But good luck getting that through Sacramento. Assemblyman Van Tran has attempted tort reform legislation this year and it was put into what I call committee coma — in other words, it was put on a shelf never to be heard from again.

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