Reforming Lawsuit Abuse Can Help Rebuild California

While our state's political leaders have spent the past year promoting ballot measures, tax increases and budget cuts as a way to tame the ever-growing $24 billion budget deficit, little attention has been given to increasing state revenues by making California employers more profitable and creating jobs.

California is among the most taxed and regulated states in the U.S. and, according to the Wall Street Journal, California leads the country in job losses. California's economy and job market are further compromised by the fact that it is one of most litigious states in the country. Californians pay more than $32 billion a year in a "lawsuit tax," or more than $3,300 a year for a family of four. That money could go a long way toward addressing the budget problem if it were used to purchase products and services that create jobs and generate tax revenue for local and state government.

For state legislators to understand how reforming lawsuit abuse can help generate new revenue for the state coffers, they need to hear from you. Find contact information for your representative by clicking here.

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