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Inland Valley Daily Bulletin: Legal Reform Would Save Jobs by Assemblyman Curt Hagman

Assemblyman Curt Hagman's commentary titled "Legal Reform Would Save Jobs" was published in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. Here is what Assemblyman Hagman had to say:

"Assemblyman Jose Solorio recently responded to Nevada's highly publicized ad campaign to lure California businesses to the Silver State and for that he should be commended. However, now is the time for Democrats in the California Legislature to focus efforts on improving California's business climate and reforming our legal system to save jobs. Many Californians have lost their jobs in the past year and many voters are making the connection that unwarranted lawsuits are costing jobs.

"A recent poll by California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse shows that 81 percent of people believe the number of lawsuits filed against businesses in California hurts California's economy and 63 percent believe lawsuit reform will make it easier for California to keep businesses in the state."

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